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Banman Counselling

A holistic approach to branding

Victoria Banman chose Tapa Creative to design and develop her brand to reflect a sense of healing and hope. Through use of whitespace and warm imagery, we created an inviting space and easy-to-use interface. We chose to base her branding on a soft blue and simple font faces to build trust with her audience.

Inspired by the elegant design, we wanted the development to remain clean and refined. Keeping the structure streamline enabled us to add delicate visual features that brought the design a touch of intrigue.

Crafted to captivate

We worked closely with Victoria in the content writing process to create a tone of voice that would complement the aesthetic of the design. The material is written in a professional yet caring manner, and draws the user through the site using strategically placed buttons and calls to action.

"Tapa Creative was amazing to work with. They took the time to hear my dream, and then they created it in the website. They are talented, creative, and person-centred, and took care of every detail. I am pleased with their services and couldn't be happier with the end result."

- Victoria Banman

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