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One of the greatest resources our team has is synergy. Being a family means that there’s an unseen connection between us, making collaboration second nature and efficiency the byproduct. Each member of the Tapa family has something to offer our clients, and together we produce amazing results.

Managing Director

Patrick Touchette

Tapa’s Managing Director doesn’t just handle every financial and logistic detail of the business – he’s passionate about it. Patrick has seven years of experience working at an engineering firm, where attention to detail, organization, and professionalism are essential. He balances budgets for fun and has experience with HTML, CSS, and WordPress. He’s bringing these learned skills and experience to help build and manage Tapa Creative.

Digital Director

Nicholas Olsen

As a Digital Director, Nicholas Olsen has it all. He received an advanced diploma in Interactive Media Development from Confederation College and immediately started making websites, becoming a senior developer and designer after two years of working in the field. He’s had his hands in projects for high profile clients such as Red Bull, A&S Homes, and Shelmerdine. He also offers Tapa Creative the ability to quickly adapt and expand his knowledge in web development, an ever-changing industry that demands this skill. Nicholas takes great pride in keeping Tapa ahead of the curve.

Marketing & Communications

Erin Touchette

Erin studied communications and media at the Canadian Mennonite University. She has experience in client relations working as an administrative assistant, which complements her natural people skills. Erin has an eye for emerging styles and trends and brings a unique look to our company’s branding. She also has a passion for bringing meaning into design. At Tapa Creative, her skills come together to produce professional client communication and innovative marketing through social media and other avenues.

Creative Director

Brandon Olsen

In his earlier years, Brandon studied design at Alberta College of Art and Design and business at Tyndale University. After several ventures in business and hands-on experience in the industry, his passions are now culminating in Tapa Creative. Brandon has a natural eye for design and a stalwart drive to adhere to a high standard of quality. With him at the helm of every design project, you can be sure that everyone on the Tapa team is working hard to bring your ideas to their fullest potential.

Editor & Project Manager

Emily Olsen

With a BA in History from Tyndale University, Emily brings organizational, time management, and writing skills to the Tapa team. She keeps the St. Thomas crew operating smoothly by managing projects and handling details. Her experience as a freelance writer and editor and habit of constantly reading history books means that she’s also in charge of ensuring everything written for Tapa and our clients is professional, concise, and grammatically correct.


The origins of tapas

It is said that the first tapa was a piece of bread placed on a glass to keep the flies out; thus, the Spanish word meaning “cover” or “lid” began to evolve into its modern definition: a small, savoury Spanish dish – an appetizer.

Tasteful and true

The preparation of tapas involves simple methods and the imaginative use of seasonal local ingredients. Hearty and unpretentious, the success of a dish comes down to one basic rule: whether or not it tastes good. Like good food, good design is straightforward, tastefully bringing the flavour out of your brand in a fresh way.

Web Development

It’s time to get noticed

The purpose of an appetizer is to get the conversation started. The purpose of a quality website or brand is similar – it gets your company out there for people to talk about. That’s what we do. Take a look.

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